Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The public works here is digging deeeeeeeepppppp, looooonnnnnnnggggg, BIIIIIGGGGGG trench in front of my house. Circumfering the road around the neighborhood.

This is not a whining post.

I can't park in front of my house. I had to park really far.

This is not a whining post.

I send and fetch the kids everyday. Usually Zachary is asleep each time I go out.

This is not a whining post.

Imagine me walking to the car, carrying a sleeping boy under the hot scorching son of 45 Celcius. Burning my feet under the hot sand in front of the ever staring labourers.

This is not a whining post.

I usually had to make a few trips to lock the door carry stuff carry Jack. It's walking through consruction site. The heat, the dust, the men staring, the loud machine noise.

But this is not a whining post.

These are among the things, that require me to pull every inch of sanity I have within me to stay patient.

I repeat! This is not a whining post.

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The most left gate leads to my house

Do you know that it is a very difficult task to dig up the soil here in the land of the desert. Apparently the soil here is made up mostly by rock. Rock and rock everywhere. The soil is so hard that it is usually used apart of the foundation itself for buildings. The soil is hard that they cannot plainly use excavator to dig. Instead they use a chisel like machine. A mega super sized chisel that is that would hammer the rock down. Boring method is hardly used for it can be very expensive. Trenching process is usually a very slow process of hammering down the hard rock and taking out the loose rock later.

So you know I was just wonderinglah kan, I imagine during the Battle of the Ditch (khandaq). It was in the year 627 that the Moslem men dig up a looooonng trench of about 5km long the northern side of Madinah, a bbiiiiiggggg trench of 4m wide and a deeeeeeeppp ditch of 3m high. With no machine. It took them about 10 days to finish digging (Ref : ATlas of the Quran, Darusssalam). This is part of defensive war strategy. The trench proved succesful for the confederation ARmy (the Koraish) who can only enter through this route, since the rest of the land are mountaineous, volcanic rock and all cannot enter the city of Madinah.

Anywaaayy, my entry really has no point. I was just thinking of the hardship of our prophet, the sahabahs, the moslems during those time. After digging the trench, presumably with soil as hard as the oone in Qatar, they went to a whole long month war surrounded by the enemies.

This is not a whining post. This is in fact a post of romanticism. I am romantic that way. I have always love watching war scenes in epic movies. Particularly when there are metal breasted or better bare chested.

Anyway my hurdling myself through the construction site is nothing in comparison to that.

p/s : By the way The moslems won the war.

O you who believe! Remember Allah's favour to you, when they came against you hosts, and We sent against them wind and forces that you saw not (i.e troops of angels during the Battle of Al-Ahzab (the confederates)). And Allah is Ever All-Seer of what you do 33:9


Eddie Putera said...

tak per...nanti awak jadi sihat dan juat sebab pagi pagi exercise. dah tak payah pergi gym dah.

butterflutter said...

Imagining every word you write. Alaaa cian kat you.

btw lolls I read the award thingy...tq...*malu. I'll make an entry for you, boleh?

dlt said...

ayoo... can't imagine all the dust yang menumpang kat rumah you. hehe! agaknya everytime go thru the construction area, muka penuh debu. and the noise. adoi laa..
teringat zaman keje kat site.
good for u to relate the trenching work with perang khandaq. kagum kan zaman nabi dulu?

Lollies said...

djin - ayoooo tak kurus kurus pun. hitam aja adalah

BF - eh eh saya pulak yang dia nak tulisnya.

dlt - alahai tell me about it. sikit lagi saya fall into depression ni. rumah berdebu sentiasa. ada perlukah saya mengelap. macam futile aja

zaman para sahabah and those who fought for the true way memang menginsafkan. kan?

Idham said...

lollies....OOOhh, the dusts, the noise, the heat, the so inconvenient, the distrubance - ahhh, even a romantics like you is entitled to whine....go on, just whine for once!

this is not a whine-prompter comment - but one who can feel what lollies is going thru lah.


KakNi said...

Oh I see... when u feel like whine u feel romantic

or is it another way around

I'm kinda blur u know

KakNi said...

and wrong spelling too

simah said...

its not often i get to see one to be romancing with the chisel :0)

memang u all tutup mulut ke to avoid all the dust?

am saluting u for nt whining :0)

masyaAllah..memang zaman dulu masa war tu..memang diaorang kerja keras gila for 10 days .. but to think again la kan..orang dulu rasanya giant size n very strong...tak mcm orang zaman sekarang..

Lollies said...

idham - you can relate kan? terseksa betul rasanya

ah ni - bukanlah. romaticism is when fantasiszing the fi sabillilah. thinking of hardship of the sahabahs fighting along with the prophet

simah - definitely not romancing that chisel. *snickers*. tapik tak jugaklah. I don't think they are gigantic. tak silap saya dari zaman nabi muhammad saiz badan manusia is normal macam kita gak. the previous years kaum Ad dan sebagainya tu maybelah. i think it is the iman that kept them going. Again me being romantic there