Monday, September 10, 2007

Everyone goes to school

Haziq starts school yesterday.

Sya starts school last week except that she missed most of it due to fever.

And Jack starts his first day of school today.

I enrolled Jack in a playschool. Twice a week of fun (hopefully) and structured games. At least two days spent in the morning not watching tv or playing computer games. And me further relaxing.

I have been thinking about this day ever since i enrolled him before summer. Would he be ok? Would he cry? After all he has never been apart from me ever since we came to Qatar. He, I must say is the most clingy baby among all my children. Would he make a scene?

Would he be able to tell that he wants to pee and poo. It has to be said in english. Can he tell what he want? Would he want to sleep? Would he be looking for me?

I watch him sleep nearly every night last week. Oh am I doing the right thing sending him to school. Would two days be too much or perhaps too confusing? One day at school and one day after bliss at home. Would he get use to the new routine?

Of course we have been talking about school much earlier. What to expect. That he would have friends to play with. That there would be a wonderful teacher. That he would learn lots and he would have fun.

There will be a school bag. Spiderman! New!
Lunch box. New!
Own water bottle. New!
A little blankie in case he needs to sleep. Superman! New!

He must have felt that he is s big as his brother and sister now. Very important.

The morning starts off very well. I woke him up at 6. Whispered that it is a school day. He jumped up and headed for shower. No grumpiness. Not bad.

He had a very gay breakfast with his sister. Very happy indeed.

it was a happy happy morning. A very good note to start for a school going boy.

When we got to the school, he took the liberty to play with the amazing little cars in a village model. I chatted with the teacher. Occasionally Jack came to me and sat on my lap. He looked nervous. What's with Ms. Julie's heavy British accent.

But as soon as the rest of the kids came in,he looked alert and went to take his place at the little table and chair. There were wailing children. They worry me. Jack might get apprehensive himself.

To my surprise, Jack didn't seem disturbed at all. In fact he sat himself at a very strategic seat seemingly the most active person in the room. He actually looked like he has always been in school and this was just another day. Hmm..a sad look from him would have been flattering. But none of that. Should I be sad instead?

I got up and pecked him on the head and proceeded to leave.

He didn't even look.

He looks almost matured sitting there with a body language screaming readiness. Body leaning forward to the teacher, hands propped up on the table, alert face.

It was that easy. I am feeling overwhelm and yet somewhat proud of this little boy. This little boy who once clung his life onto me. This little boy who refuse to speak to anyone. But now he reemerges differently. A very confident little shy person.

When I picked him up in the afternoon, he was happily playing but looked cheerful seeing me and Sya. He said I have maaannyy friends. School is best.

Now, I hope he won't cause a problem tomorrow. You see tomorrow is a no school day. Having to ride the car only to go home, might raise a lot of questions.

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This is not the correct body language nor look


Nazrah Leopolis said...

masyaAllah bagusnya anak!!!

i am very impressed and humbled!

Diah said...

unbelievable... jack jack dah besar dah la ni...

Lollies said...

nazrah - sungguh amat tak sangka

bdp - dah besar dah kan. kekadang rasa cepatnyaa

أم الليث said...

wow! my mother sure suka if i was like jackjack when i was his age hahaha

i hope Layth won't follow my "example" (i.e. throw tantrum)

Anonymous said...

jackjack: i'll show ibu i am a strong boy!

hihihi alaa lollies u nangis yer yer yer? *laariiiii*

Theta said...

Awww...Jack's a big boy now.
Lucky for you that he adjusted nicely and didn't make a fuss.

Let us know how he's getting used to the new routine.

Take care.

Nadia said...

jack jack good boy!!!

so you nangis tak?? hehehehe...

Lollies said...

ummu layth - heh heh. nanti kita tunggu cerita ummi layth ni in a few years time

beelove - i prepare nak nangis..habis dah dia tak sedih. tak jadiklak nak nangis

theta - i guess i am lucky. it's just that for a short moment, i felt that a slight sad look would be good. hah ahahahah i am mental

mamarawks - tak.i macho. mana boleh anngis

Anonymous said...

dah pergi sekolah? so, how does the ibu spends the additional hours of me time, especially with the absence of efx2 right now?

dlt said...

dah besar jackjack. And he is a good cute looking boy. Nak chop boleh? hehe!

elisataufik said...

i hate it when they practically shoo you out.
"It's okay bonda, you can go now.."

ha ha ha

Lollies said...

mosh - err tak ada apa pun. cuma kerja rumah dapat di langsaikan lebih cepat. lepas tu angkat kaki baca buku.

dlt - boleh. kena masuk queue lah nampaknya. ;)

elisa - tulah. how can it be like that? dulu bukan main bersangkut. hu hu hu

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeii i nih tak boleh tido malam worried sick la anak i nak masuk pre school this coming 16th. I penin pikir cam maner dia nak pi toilet nak pee and u'uk dia. Mak aiiii....i think im gonna cry lah!!

My first child lak tu...kelam kelibut i di buatnyer LOLLIES OOOIIIIII!!! How? How? How?

Anak anak you ada la jugak sepeak Enggeris hahaha...anak i habuk ok! Nak pee, cecin nak poo, u'uk. cammaner gitu?? huhuhuh...

Lollies said...

diils - eh dia masuk mana ni? newton eh?

ok pertamanya jangan panik. its ok dia tak leh cakap London pun. the teacherfaham. kita bukan omputehh apa. teh teachers here dah biasa ngajar budak bukan english as first language. jackjack pun bukannya cakap omputehsangat. nak tintin and poo poo pun cakap melayu. tapi i told the teacher that. dont worry cikgu ada ways to go about it.

cuma mungkin expect dia akan nangis sikitlah. tapi if not ok. kalau nangis pun do not despair. itu soma normal.

eh sapa hantar anak gi sekolah ni? singgahlah. tapi eh bulan posa eh? alaa singgah je. singgah on monday and wednesday. jackjack sekolah

Lollies said...

eh silap,i mean english as first language to person whose first language is not english.

KakNi said...

Alhamdulillah, itulah yang menggembirakan seorang ibu....

IKHWANI said...

good for jackjack! all of my kids are "memerap" kids...semua wailed (except feryal sebab next year baru nak enroll) at their first days in kindy..masuk formal school okaylah..Kakak and Faris especially! my kids need to learn how to be more sociable.

Nina Zan said...

im here! im here!

Lollies said...

ah ni - sesungguhnya

OO - oh saya nak tunggu kesah ferya. tapi mungkin ada abang kakak oklah kot eh?

noor azlina - memang ku nanti nantikan kehadiranmu.