Monday, September 24, 2007

Kad Hari Raya

My makcik urut (traditional massager) said to me,when I visited her for my yearly maintenance, "Raya nanti ko jangan lupa hantar aku kad raya" (Don't forget to send me Eid greeting cards when you get there)

Gosh! I have not been sending out greeting card for ages. Last was most likely when I was working, only to my parents. My lover insists that we send raya card for both parents and siblings. But my nenek urut, like many older generation, they still prefer snail mail (or card) rather than the mass sms or the computer greetings with music and flas card pictures. Which I must say, I do agree, but the effort. And also the litter after.

And I have not received cards ever since I got here. Partly because I am too lazy to give my lover's office address. They don't have house address here. Nor do they have postmans to send the mails. They use P.O. Box or courier.

Even before, when I was working, I have only been receiving sterile cards. Like from the insurance companies, consultants, hotels and all that. Where sometimes they stamp their name rather than sign. Gone are the days when I received stacks of cards from friends with messages like

"Pecah kaca pecah gelas,
sudah baca harap balas"

So I am sending out raya cards this year. To those who are significant and those who want to receive.

.....and why am I troubling myself for that, I just can't explain. Instead of buying the card from the rack which are far more more easier and prettier and creative, I decided to make my own. Not the one that i colour myself which is like more personalise kan?

I chose some of my photos. Old ones I am afraid. I haven't been out much to take new ones. Put the Eid Mubarak Greeting on it and print it. I couldn't even get proper cards for it. So it doesn't look professional. But doesn't look too bad.

Are you sending out any this year?

Some of the pictures for my cards

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أم الليث said...

i used to give family & friends kad raya with personalised messages inside EVERY YEAR. then i malas because no one ever sends/replies me any.i know i know; bila ikhlas tak harapkan balasan but still...teringin gak orang balas...

Nazrah Leopolis said...

ah, dah molek la tu..

this year would be a first for me not getting a card from home. Mak used to write long messages in cursive handwriting.


btw, this year i am selling hari raya cards for charity. i might even send out some. what's ur PO box?

Jill Yusoff said...

i want! i want! boleh tak?

pecah kaca pecah gelas
nanti aku balas

Lollies said...

ummu layth - especially bila personalised gitu. tak apa saya gerenti balas. Insya Allah

nazrah - hugs baby. kita terasa sangat ni.

i will send you the address dalam email. kasi sekali awak punya ya.

jill - nanti aku mintak address ko baby. aku demand poem poem dari kau

Anonymous said...

i want i want! tapi tak janji reply bole tak? :D

Zaitul said...

mase sekolah dulu beria bg kad raya kt sume org.member duk sebelah lam kelas pun nk bg. end of ramadhan tgk sape paling byk dpt kad raya....then mase raya beria gantung kad raya kt no more of those. i can't even remember when was the last time i sent one....teruk ek...maybe shud start back the tradition or else our generation tk tau ape tu kad raya.... :p
btw...ur pictures for ur kad raya cantik bangat...i like :)

cikdinz said...

nnt hantar kat saya boleh ?

Lollies said...

mosh - cit!

ibuhaziq - waahh you are too kind.

cikdinz - boleh. kasilah alamat

ZazaHardy said...

i absolutely love everything personalized! way to go lollies! it shows that you really take the trouble to design/decide. we're only sending a few out, which i will try to print when aidan's asleep with our family photo in it.

my parents used to make their own stationaries (they love to write!) they asked a printer to make their cards and letterheads with their initals and a sketch of the house. then what they did was on raya, we just print out a note with the writings maaf zahir batin and all and paste it on the card together with a family photo. each year lain lain gambar. perhaps that could be something for you to consider doing for next year?


Lollies said...

zaza- you are indeed the creative one. I envy your work. I am printing out the family's picture but err I didn't want to put it uphere. Tak photogenic maa. That one is only for the family

Eddie Putera said...

yar's been ages since i sent one..maybe i chousld start sending cards again..balik raya tak ?

1na said...


kasi address boleh? Nak htr kad nie...


Theta said...

I always send a lot of cards out for Raya but rarely get any in return. Nowadays, I only send to close friends even though the probability of getting any back is quite low. Well, it's the thoughts that count!

Lovely images for your Eid cards, I must say :)

m.u.l.a.n said...

i nak kad raya dari qatar tau..!!

Kissman said...

ni ha alamat ni:

34 Jalan SP 7/3,
Saujana Puchong, 47100 Puchong

kalau boleh hantar hamper sekali ...