Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Year Resolution

It's not quite a new year this time round. But it sure feels like it, since the kids start schooling for a whole new year.

Out of habit, I made some personal resolution. All the resolutions concern the kids ans what I'd like them to somewhat achieve for the whole year and hopefully groom them to be somewhat whole. Mana yang aku mampulah.

To start with, the first thing that I enforced was a new sleeping time. Last year my kids sleep whenever they like and most of the time they sleep at 11. Sya always make up as the little grumpy monster. I had complaints from her activity teacher that she was always tired in the afternoon, often refusing to do the activities and prefer sitting down. I think she was tired out. the thing is they had afternoon sleep only making them sleep even later at night. And it became a bad chain reaction for days to follow. Now all them should be in bed the latest 9.

It seemed to be working so far. Sya the cheeriest of them all. Happy even when I pick her up at half past 1.

I told Haziq many times as well to pay attention and improve his listening skills. He was quite bad. It was so bad that he even wrote an essay with a topic that the teacher didn't ask him to do. I told him to pay attention to the two language lessons he is taking. It is such great opportunity to be learning them, so don't waste it. Do you have any suggestions to improve his listening skills?

I want to pay attention to Sya as well this year. I think perhaps due to her sleepiness last year, she was like a waking zombie not knowing what is going on around her. So I want to keep her on her toes. On her third day I asked what did she learn today. And she replied, i don't remember and ignored me after. I was so angry, I snapped at her. I demand proper answer young lady. From now on you will remember what you learn and tell me everything. If you answer me lazily like that, you can find yourself walking to school tomorrow.

Suffice to say, she tells me nearly everything she learned eagerly. Heh heh. I like.

I am also doing extra buku kerja ugama with the kids. Hopefully this one can train Sya on her BM and her writing and religious knowledge. Susahlah belajar kat sini. tak ada kelas ugama. :(.

I know it is late by most of your standards, but this year I must make sure that Sya memorises all the Quls and perhaps a few more easy Sorahs. I want to make sure that she recites Ayat Qursi every night too. (That was how Haziq memorised it). I want to slowly introduce her the supplication for prayers. She would be seven next year. I think I am a bit latelah. :(

I will continue to share (and more) with the kids sirahs and great articles on religion with the kids. Can you suggest me good reads that are suitable for children. Perhaps Haziq can start reading something more serious eh?

But I also want them to have fun. I hope I am tenacious enough to take them outside for some games in the evening. I am telling you this one takes the most sacrifice in terms of time and effort. But I feel that they need it. After eid perhaps. I will also putting extra effort on board games with all of us especially now that Sya is bigger. We started on pictionary the other day.

OMG this turn out to be too long. You read it up to here? Or you skipped everything and only read this paragraph. hahahahhaha. But I do appreciate suggestions if you have any.

It's fasting month beginning tomorrow. So selamat berpuasa semua. Jangan nakal-nakal.


Unknown said...

:) hey...this is just great!

i am not a morning person.....just like ur sya of last year...
but i too have forced myself to sleep early.....quite easy once i stop chatting on YM....hehehehe
now i am all chirpy like a burung ...right from fajar time.

wishing u a great ramadan!


Jill Yusoff said...

i tell you, it's all in the sleep. am feeling much much better now than i do the first half of the year now that my sleep pattern has changed ;)

i miss you lah baby. i had a buffet binge yesterday but today our 'other resolve' starts! jangan nakal-nakal ok.

Zaitul said...

Hey there....
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa...

reading ur entry makes me realised being a mother is sooooooo not an easy task....takut la plak when the time comes for me to teach my baby ni to read....memorise all the surahs....etc.... :(

Nadia said...

I dun have any goos experience to advice you.. but love to learn from this entry.. tumpang sekaki yer..

Anonymous said...

hey lols! still getting used to this google reader concept for alerts management hehehe.

selamat berposa to you too. sorry komen not related to post. ngantuk nih!

Lollies said...

idham - i have to discipline myself on my computer time. yalah kepimpinan melalui tauladan kan? now everyone seems healthier

jill - you too have been changing sleeping time? may we all become healthier. so no nakal story from you?

ibuhaziq - eh tak apa. we play it by the ear and whateever suitable with our life. I am sure you'll do good. I am not good myself. trying aje

mamarawks - boleh boleh. nanti awak ada tips kasi share ok

mosh - i don't even know what that google read is pun. i am using yahoo alert apparently. biasalah you puasa aje ngantuk

Mc Ani said...

I am a morning person thru and thru..I cannot stay up late nanti pening bangun pagi but I do wake up very early..that's when I am the most productive!

Alhamdulillah so far anak2 memang tidur not later than 10pm, mostly they went to bed at 9.30pm with the exception on the weekends lah, that is jumaat malam sabtu and sabtu malam ahad.

on listening skills, nanti I pi korek2 my book..I think ada few tips on how to improve the audio skill for children.

Gartblue said...

hey honn .. u have never failed to impressme woman!

anyhow on sleeping early .. all my GIRLS drop off before 10pm, there's a lil boy who's not quite dropping off .. camana ye ?

Lollies said...

OO - itulah I made a mistake for the past last year. Now the kids sleep at 9. and gave us the privacy we need. I sleep later but not as late as before. I can also drive without feeling sleepy. Bagus kan resolution baru ni? Harapnya disiplin berterusanlah

gart - alaa you know dengan ketiadaan belajar ugama kat sekolah sini especially Sya membuatkan aku risau amat. Aku terpaksa beli buku2 kerja sekolah ugama supaya aku tau apa nak ajar. Aku bukannya terer sangat pun. Hu hu. semuanya on me now.

أم الليث said...

let's see let's see
how did i belajar agama masa duk kat UK dulu tu eh... *taps forehead*

oh ye. dulu parents/mothers rotate untuk bagi sort of "kelas". so jimat masa & mudahkan logistics i guess. we didn't learn rocket science, just basic things which i think you are more than capable of teaching them yourself ! :D

when i remember, i'll give you some links about books and stuff.

budak2 kena cukup tidur! nanti tak membesar to full physical potential. (growth hormone secreted masa tidur) maybe that's why my brother is nearly 2m high. banyak sangat tidur agaknya haha

elisataufik said...

i tried teaching my kids the quran myslef last year..
tapi i end up being so garang, I think it was detrimental to their (and my) psychological health.
heh heh
now I hire an ustaz to come over, and I just revise with them.

Lollies said...

aliya - actually we have the once a week kelas fardhu ain (tapi stop dulu sebab ramadhan. ustaz sebok). tapi somehow I didn;t think it is enough. I kena add more for them.

Now i am using agama workbooks to guide me. Oh please do help give suggestion ya Aliya. Articles that you come across suitable for young children would ever be so helpful.

elisa - i pun garang. adusss. malunyaaa.

tapi haziq now we dah send him to an ustaz. I ingat I nak mintak dia kasi tazkirah now and then lah. At the moment dia ngaji aje dengan ustaz tu.

NJ@Goboklama said...

me also garang when teaching own kid,anak org takpe lak,shame on me!

Diah said...

cewahh... nanti I nak panggil you ustazah lollies arr... boleh kan? caya lah!


KakNi said...

Salam sayang.

Selamat berpuasa.

Saya tak nakal, InsyaAllah.

Good luck in achieving your er... middle year resolution (?).

Lollies said...

gobok lama - susah ek nak ajar anak sendiri

bear - cit! janganlah. gua tak layak lagi woits. eh bukan tak layak lagi, langsung tak ada kaliber

ah ni - betul ke tak nakal ni? boleh percaya ke ni?

bertique said...

byk betul ni resolusi anda hehe .. berpada yek lollies, biar la depa pun merasa jadi bebudak ..

semuanya kena bersederhana

*jap, nak pakai ketayap :P*

i pulak, tido awal ke .. tido lewat ke .. sama jek, rasanya i dah blajar teknik power sleep kot. haha

semua ok kat sana ??

Jo Kontan said...

"Do you have any suggestions to improve his listening skills?"

Saya dok ler tau mender pasei communication nii. Tapi satu suggestion ajer.

Once Haziq start to say something "Ib.." Kita stop la saying anything further and look into his eyes and listen to him.

Mebbe that helps kot.

Lollies said...

betik - kalau you tau kat sini depa sangat rileks compared to kat msia. serious punya. kat malaysia by petang dah flat out. so a bit more work wont do them any harm. particularly agama knowledge. so dont worry, anak-anak i masih lagi macam kanak-kanak ribena. semua ni fun fun aje.

jokontan - a good tip. tapi percayalah i memang selalu dengar dia bercakap..which is a lot. pastu tiga tiga jua cakap banyak sungguh. ikut bapak dia tu gamaknya

Lollies said...

tapi perhaps with a more quality attention eh?

Theta said...

Interesting post...Puts into perspective things that I need to brush up as well when my kid(s) get to your kids' age! :)

Listening skills? I wonder if it's related to short attention span (SAS) problem?

A recent study reveals that SAS amongst kids is directly correlated to the amount of time spent watching cartoons and tv in general. Maybe you can reduce tv time for a start?

Take care!