Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloody pee

The medical term for bloody pee is hematuria. Basically if you have hematuria, it means you have blood in your urine.

And this is what Sya is having now.

(I am trying my best not to sound panic in this entry. If you were to hear me read, I would read in a monotone voice and a poker face)

Sya found blood in her urine last Wednesday. She only told me after school, when we were having a nice lunch at the mall. I was hungry but decided that I couldn't eat after that.

She said she kept feeling like peeing too. And it hurts.

Did you have a hard fall?
Did somebody touch you down there?
Hmm could it be menses?

I went to check when she felt like peeing. there was blood alright. I ruled out menses. I think after 24 years of having menses, I should know how menses blood look like and smell like. And also menses blood have certain pattern of flow.

She didn't fall. And no one touched her down there.

I couldn't think properly after that.

Went home and immediately went to the clinic.

Took urine sample which was really hell. She felt like peeing so much, didn't even have time to collect it. Only after the third attempts and gallons of water drunk, was she (I actually) managed to collect a good amount of sample.

Also had to give blood sample.

The samples ruled out infection, stones, kidney dysfunction and don't know what else.

Then had to wait for a few more days for them to incubate the urine sample for microbiology test (I am loosely quoting the terms). Again nothing was found, thus ruling out infection again.

Went for ultrasound to actually check the kidney, bladder, pelvis (I think).

Alhamdulillah no problem was found. It was nerve wrecking watching the scan.

Went for another urine sample.

This morning, the results came out. She has infection. The RBC (red blood count shows >100). damn! i didn't have the results with me now!

Now they are incubating her urine again to determine the culture type. Saturday we will know more Insya Allah.

Since Wednesday, I couldn't think of anything else. I am sure Sya is worried too. She actually mentioned the word death. She questions me carefully and trying to understand the language and my body expression.

If you read up about hematuria. One link HERE., you would know that there are reasons to be worried. Well wouldn't you if you have blood in your urine?

Throughout the short period of time of not knowing what is happening, I tried my best to control my expression and ward off my worried look when I am with Sya. I tried to assure her, Insya Allah, this is nothing and treatable. Make dua' ok. Whereas in my heart, I myself was in deep worry.

Even they have diagnose her with an infection, they also told me that she would be under observation and her urine need to be sampled each month for sometime. For the just-in-case.

And this just-in-case is a reason enough for me to be on my toes, worried. Because this findings may not stop to just a simple infection. More READS.

Please pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lollies,

My prayers are with you and Sya..

Take care~


Peri PiA said...


Ya Allah
My prayers are with you and Sya..

butterflutter said...

a big hug for u dear. Our prayers for Sya and for you to stay strong.

gartblue said...


lolls, insyallah things will work out fine.. have faith and be strong. I know you will and I know sya will too because she has you to look up to.

أم الليث said...

InshaAllah it will be nothing serious.

Don't worry excessively and don't read any more things from the internet. It is not helpful in these circumstances.

The chances of it being anything serious is really rare. That's what the internet websites don't tell you. They just tell you it could be this this or this but not the likelihood of it.

Then create anxiety aje.

We will keep praying that it is just an infection and will resolve soon inshaAllah

Be strong and put trust in Allah

Anonymous said...

Praying for your daughter madam, I hope as what ummu layth mentioned there, it is just an infection and nothing worst.


abi said...


Sya said...

hope everything is going to be ok.InsyaAllah

elisataufik said...

Jangan Panic.

Kaau doctor dah scan segala and there's nothing physically wrong, then Alhamdulillah. Half of your worries is over kan?
Okeh sekarang, lie they say, kena identify the infection and treat it accordingly aje lah.
Ilham had the same problem dulu. Makan ubat berbotol2 tak hilang2 jugak infection, last last sunat and he was fine.
But then, Sya cannot sunat, so...
we'll see first. Just take one step at a time, handle satu2.
Don't get too far ahead with ourselves and worry unnecessarily.
Jangan panic.

in the meantime, maybe can get her to drink cranberry juice and masak with garlic banyak2, kot?

Lollies said...

thank you friends for the dua.

well, i wouldn't say that I was crazily panic. i am just worried. which is i think common sense for any parents. sah? and when i first saw the blood, without reading aje dah worry. But through reading and going through the test was a bit relieveing because all the bad symptoms was ruled out.

and don't worry, i read but i understand that the problems may be overfetched. but there is always a little worry and I ask Allah to spare us from the test.

Alahmdulillah, for now sya looks healthy. no fever. no blood pressure. that certainly rules out many things.

Hmm I thought my entry doesn't sound panic and I am reading it monotonously. hahahahha.

I am not panic. I am just worried because I am a parent. But this doesn't make me go crazy and things stop working. I must read something so that I don't look blank when he talks.

garlic? betul ke ni is a good remedy?

Anonymous said...

*hugs* semoga sya cepat sembuh...Insya Allah..

Hansac said...

Our third daughter (Huda) had some issues with her urination (it was painful). Check with doctor this and that, it went away.

I, though, as a parent and in classical Hansac fashion, has a different theory, take, on Huda's predicament. We knew that Huda dislike peeing in the school toilet because it was not up to her standard of cleanliness. So she would hold her pee sampai balik rumah, i.e. dari pagi sampai petang.

I told Huda not to hold her pee that long, and that she must use the school toilet for her own good.

A little bit of threat and now, after 1 year plus, Huda is doing okay, pee-wise.

Now, who's more right, the doctor or our Shaikh Hansac?

I don't know. But I'd like to think I cover all angles.

Lollies said...

anon - thanks

hansac - long live shaikh hansac! long live shaikh hansac!

now a hidden hikmah about this is i get to paksa sya (and Jack) to betul2 drink their water in school. the doctor reminded sya to drink lots. pastu sya pun suka tahan kencing. bengkak betul. so she drinks little bcos tak mau kencing padahal toilet tu punyalah bersihnya. just malas. so so so everyone gets a lesson. especially pagi2 sebelum sekolah. :D

famyGirl said...

oh dear. hope sya is feeling much better now. yes, yes, must drink lotsa water.

take care ya. *hugs* to you both

أم الليث said...

cranberry juice cam yg k lisa suggest tu bagus. ada evidence from research. org2 tua kat sini yg ada urine infection kat hospital semua pakat kasi cranberry tablets.

girls biasa ye kene urine infection. i pun kene haematuria masa kecik2. my parents were also very concerned at the time. normal la kan anak sakit, mak bapak risau. like you.

maybe you did sound a bit panicky in the entry hehe

zan said...

Oh oh I so agree w Aliya, don't read too much from the net, they create unnecessary worry to us just like my case(thE heart palp). Insyallah she will recover soon and it' just UTI. Hugs to you both.