Friday, April 29, 2005

Sometimes. A Bad Mother

Haziq is sad today.
His eyes were all puffy
He was constantly sniffling
Crooked nose and everything

I was angry at him yesterday
Very angry
He was watching Spongebob
up to nine
Not even aware
of the time

Haziq, I called,
It is school night
You have homework
Your time is tight
Yes your time is tight

He chose to ignore
I threathened him
Come up or I am down

He dragged himself
He was not happy
Spongebob is planning a party
And he had to be with me!!

He wrote
If you can call that a writing
You can hardly see
Crapy work
and now I AM ANGRY

He father adds to it
that Haziq has been lazy
Do you know Lolly
His curfew at seven
was breached again

When one sings
And another follow
Like opera singer
The note gets higher
They sang in tune
And the notes clicked
A frequency was picked

Glass shattered
When resonance was reached
Songs were sang
The melody was not ticked

Voice were raised
And eyes were glazed
Ibu was mad
And son was and is
Still sad.

Ibu loves you Haziq. And Ibu and Ayah feels bad about last night. Just play and work right, that's all.

I know, I know. I am bad. Shoot me people


atiza said...

that's not bad, lollies..that's discipline..
i've tried reverse psychology onto my kids tapi nampaknya tak makan saman bebudak nih..
so, nyehnyeh-ing IS the ONLY way...

cuba reverse psychology la pulak,,

Anonymous said...

i went beserk all the time wif my 7 yer old sister of her watchin cartoons till late nite.. i've threatened to terminate the cartoon channel unless she control herself.. so i perfectly agree wif wat u are doin.. coz im doin the same.. now she's settled for saturday and sunday cartoons rather than nothing.

Anonymous said...

cemana reverse psychology tu? hah aku tau..lepas ni aku pulak tengok tv dan tak masak walaupun dia lapar tengok apa jadi. cam tu ke?

yes, wan..but mothers felt bad after marah anak dia. you macamana pulak?

Anonymous said...

sebab abah dah tade.. so me dah bertanggungjawap la utk marah.. feel bad tu biasak.. nanti bagi la kasut ke.. bag ke.. baju ke.. kes kes. pastu buat la balik. keje daily basis tu.

Sunfloraa said...

Of course its natural to feel bad, because you're only human, but you know its necessary to instill discipline in them now before it gets too late in the future.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hiya sunflora. the plasure is all mine.

And yes..sometimes they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Actually you dont know, that i know

Orgkampung said...

Lollies..tima kasih singgah kat rumah I...hehehehe....

kids nowdays behave alike..same goes to mine..I ni memang dah jadi mama tarzan pun..what I do now..let them watch tv but only if they have finished homework and before nine..lepas tu..bedtimeeeeee....

Anonymous said...

woit sape pulak yang jadi Haziq ni. Ke si haziq ni dah log in. babap kang..

hi org kampung-kalo homework dah habis ok...wooo mama tarzan..I jadi Bo Derek

atenah said...

how abt putting up a poster so that his daily schedule is visible. buat star chart ke so that kalau dia start his homework each day, he will get 1 star. during the weekend total up the stars and if he gets say 4 stars or more he gets to choose 1 reward (but have to agree on say 3 choice of reward beforehand) if his rewards are really strong, he will work without you having to nag. another tip, masa mula start this, you might have to use a *strong* reward and he gets into the groove, you can water down the rewards. ni yg aku nak buka parenting class nih :)

atiza said...

aku suka cadangan tenah

Anonymous said...

Actually Haziq memang ada homework yang we work out together. That's why I am persistent about timing. Lagi lambat dia start lagi lambatlah dia tidur. In fact his schedule include playing time.

For the reward, I water down all rewards. I personally don't want to give him too much reward for his homework yet. So his rewards come in simple form like setting his own blog. He found that very rewarding.

atenah said...

in my experience, the best reward for kids are not expensive stuff but time spent together with parents, doing things together eg rollerblading together, swimming etc

shidah said...

kekadang memang patut dimarah, my kids pun kalau tang tv, vcds can stay up very late - then having morning syndroms that really makes me mad!

Ni said...

nak jadik ibu mithali bukan senang

Anonymous said...

memang susah.. memang susah

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