Thursday, May 26, 2005


We really had nothing better to do the last time went balik kampung, my sis-in-law brought a wheelbarrow of young coconuts. My lover, being good with his hands, ehem, ehem decide to crack open all the coconuts so that all of us lazy bum-good-for-nothing, thirsty people could enjoy the sweet juice of the young fresh coconut juice while we sit back and not dirty any of our manicured fingers.

Some of the coconuts on the ground. See the thick shell, even thicker than our kraniums. If my lover can knock the senses out of my head, coconuts is easy peasy for him.

See, this is where you start to get the juice. Chop off that part of the coconut. The bottom part. Those are not my hands.

Ahhh the sacred juice. Tropical country's juicy secret to black hair.

We were lucky we have guinea pigs to be the taster. So you OK Batrisyia. Not giddy? Pass QC test.

Besides the juice, the other refreshing thing about the coconut is the flesh of the cocnut. Creamy creamy tasty thing. If you don't have a spoon with you, peel a bit of the top bottom of the coconut to make a spoon. Go natural. Wear your birthday suit. The right picture is a demonstration on how to rake the coconut's flesh.

If you have too many coconuts to handle in one go, why not make a bag of it. Refer to the top left picture.Peel off a bit of the thick coconut's skin. Use a strong knife. For kids make sure the adults do it for you. Top right picture. Then pull off the skin slowly but firmly.. Repeat the same thing on another cocnut. And tie the peeled skin together. And walah you are already on the go. Lollies spring collection handbags. You can even eat it, drink from it and knock those nasty muggers with it.

Of course if you make a mess, clean up after you. Boys go throw these away or no coconut juice for you. Batrisyia, let the boys do it darling. Don't dirty your pretty fingers.

Then drink away. Don't bother lookig for me. I am not in the picture. I am tired of the commotion taking pictures and all. The one in the white headscarve is my mother in law.


CikNi said...

slurp slurp sedap nyer

(kes jeles lagi)

wan said...

nak jugak mummy!

me never tot wud learn more about coconuts in 5 minutes than my whole lifetime.

shidah said...

air kelapa - favourite anak2 i. kalau kat kl ni, yang belum berkopek tu pun depa jual RM2 ke RM2.5 sebijik....

atenah said...

woi gambar tu taruk besar2 skit, lover tu shoot kat muka not at his hands. hang dok panggik lover2, aku prasan dia ni mesti hemsem abih

Lollies said...

cik ni - memang best. hari-hari panas aduh enaknya

wan - see I will never stop blogging. I aim to educate

shidah-akak ipar punya. free

tenah-laber aku pemalu tapi dia memang hensem. slurp slurp

AuntyN said...

Patut dok dengar orang dok jaja,
Ayaq nyioq muda, ayaq nyioq muda. Tang ni ka...

Tak boleh minum banyak2 sakit urat..maklumlah kita ni kan "kelapa muda" jugak ni hehehe

lollies said...

sapa yang dok jaja tu aunty N. he he patutlah sakit belakang ni.

Anonymous said...

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