Friday, May 27, 2005

My Helper's First Bashing

Do you remember that I took a helper into my humble home a month ago? Refer Pep Talk. She has been fine. I have no complaints about her. The kids like her. Zachary has taken well with her. She is a fast learner and can be proactive as much as creative. So I have no qualms.

However today my helper, her name is Yati, got her first scolding. More like a bashing really. And amazingly, not by me or any of my family members.

It was from my immediate neighbour on my right.


My neighbour I mean.

Apparently Yati was watering the plants using the water hose. And well, she must have sprinkled water generously over to her precious boundary. And she does not take that very well. In fact she was angry, she practically shouted at Yati. At the top of her lungs.

Her usual self actually. Let me tell you this..I really don't like this woman. She shouts everyday. To her son Brendon, SHUT UP BLENDON!! WHY YOU SO STUPID ONE??. To her other kids HOW MANT TIMES MUST I TELL YOU NOT TO MESS THIS ROOM AAHHH to her helper SAYA SUDAH CAKAP SAMA LU WO. APASAT LU BODOH SANGAT TAK FAHAM APA SAYA CAKAP. BELAPA KALI SAYA MAU CAKAP SAMA LU?

Day in day out, I have to suffer this noise pollution from this woman. Let's call her B. B stands for bitch.

The last time we spoke to her, was on the first week we moved in. We were not happy with her house renovation that has encroached our lawn. Dia buat tingkap kat party wall. Party wall is the wall yang rumah terrace share. So you cannot put a window there. Memangla at the moment side aku kosong sebab aku tak renovate. Tapik dia still tak leh buat tingkap tu. Dok pandang aje rumah aku pulak.

So my lover told her to take it out before she spent more and had to be taken down later. She had the cheek to ask my husband

When do you think you are going to lenovate (renovate) your house?

(actually we are not in planning at all to renovate our house). Well three months time.

Then you just cover this up later lorrr.

No I'm not going to do that. You must not have this window on a party wall in the first place.

No tlabel (trouble) what, you just cover up this window. I won't complain one.

I am not going to agree to that at all.

Well, I'll talk to my husband. He is in Cambodia. He is a constluction expert maaa. He'll be back next month.

I don't care if your husband is in Cambodia or North Pole. If he is such an expert, he won't put this window here in the first place and I am telling you that this is against the Council regulation. If you don't take this window by this week, I will make a formal complaint and will get the council tear down the whole wall. Let me tell you this, I AM A CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT. Tell your expert husband that!!

(She frowned) then said, So, if you want to lenovate (renovate) that time ahh, you better be sure ahh, you inform me first. My children all ahh cannot stand noise one you know and the dust. You must do it on school holiday so I can go to my palents (parents) house.

Are you the local council?

(Confused face)No.

Then I don't have to report shit to you.

That was our welcoming note to the tarzan bitch. But she is no Bo Derek I tell you. Far from it.

The thing about her scolding my helper is, I understand that my neighbour is not happy that her cement is wet and all. But I think she could say it nicely to my helper. I also prefer she tell it to me and let me deal with my helper myself. But what am I to expect from a tarzan.

Can I teach her civilisation?


shidah said...

glad to know that your helper is OK. As for the tarzan - to h**l with her. I once got a neighbour like that - their children like to call my kids stup*d la, orang gil* la. i told my kid...budak kecik apa tahu... buat tak dengar je la... until one day i overheard the mother screaming to her kids. "Masuk dalam - jangan asyik nak main je macam anak orang gila tu (referring to my kids) as they were playing over the fence. Huh! No wonder. Now I'm glad that they moved - and a civilised vetenary moved in though not a malay.

Anonymous said...

2/3 of my neighbours are non malays. But they are all great. This B woman ni is from hell. Dia sorang aje from hell. Dari dulu lagi. No one likes her actually.

Anonymous said...

herm. completely understand ur anger. i had one like this b4. same ch****e bastards. same story.. marah air masuk ke rumah dia. bini dia panggil laki repot. laki dia panggil me, siap bukak gate my house sambil pegang kayu. like i scared. i gave him the finger and said Bab* s*al apek.. y* m* ha* lu! and amik parang. malas nk entertain berckp. call my friends who came later ready to rumble. he chicken out and never said a word. now they had moved out. my point, these bastards love making an issue out of small thing. esp against us so-called Mayau (melayu). konon air dr umah kite ni jijik sgt. tak sedar jd pendatang. if we did the same, blowing out of proportions on their every mistakes, we wud be killing each other evryday.

Ni said...

kalu ngan chin ok lagik - understood as different race tp my friend, he bought my house and live there; so his neighbour ni psl budak2 punya kes dia pegi belasah my friend dari belakang dgn kayu golf

my friend said: cikni nasib baik ko tak duduk sini

Sekarang ni my friend dlm process nak jual rumah tu

atiza said...

dia sure park kereta kat luar instead of kat dalam kan? sampai kita nak masuk rumah pun tak bley..

time dia park kat luar tuh, kau buat2 check pokok..(jangan lupa bawak skru ker..duit seposen ker sekali).tandatangan kat kereta dia (dengan skru/duit tuh)..

H nak spray body keta kat org yang park kat No Parking kat apartment we all.

hana_kirana said...

sure tak makan ajar ah-sow tu....

Lollies said...

wan-wooo sabo wan sabo.

cik ni - my goodness teruknya jiran tu. nasib baik kita orang langsung tak nak pandang muka masing2 aje

atiza- kalau aku autograf..should I put my whole name or just initials?

HK-memang. macam bagus!

Leen AshBurn said...

Blenden hahahahahha. Nasib dia tak nama anak dia Aloysius. I've never had any saiko neighbours like that so far, Alhamdulillah, but sometimes I wish I do, so that I can let go some of my angst.

Cheaper than karaoke, methinks *grins*

Anonymous said...

eiii.. tak bagus nyer.. mandrem kn ajer jiran tuh kak..

Anonymous said...

makcik tu membosakan I

atenah said...

just ignore bad behavior, buat macam dia tak exist, lagi menyakitkan hati dia

Anonymous said...

I told my helper to even make faces but not look at her. To show that she is happy and not scared of her. That's my first strategy

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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