Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am in trouble

We got to know Mr. Fath virtually. Through the internet before we came here. There were a lot of correspondence about schooling and life here in general. Mr. Fath is now the newly elected president of the Malaysian Q@t@r association.

The other night, Mr. Fath invited us for dinner at his house. We had good dinner. Mrs. Aisy (the wife) is an excellent cook. Ask her tips on the sauce (sempat lagi tu). Mr. Fath is a good host. He was very animated telling us stories of his experience in Hong Kong. Mr. Fath looks chinese you see. And he can speak Cantonese too. He was telling us stories, with Cantonese language inserted, about him arguing with a cab driver in Hong Kong, for him being snobbish. I felt like I was watching the 6 o'clock Cantonese drama. I had good laughs.

Good company, good conversation can actually intoxicate me. And the fact that I felt or I thought I didn't have any better things to do, or I don't know what was going on in my mind, I said to Mr. Fath. Read ok. Read ok. This is when the trouble start brewing.

"Does this association produce newsletter?"

"Well yes. But I have not look at it yet."

"You know. If you need a bit of help with the newsletter, I don't mind giving a helping hand."

That's when the trouble sparked. I said help. I didn't say taking up the whole thing. Ayoooo.

Mr. Fath was appreciative, that night. He'd probably didn't put any thoughts to this at all until I said those explosive help word. And I thought I helped spark a bit of interest.

No news after that until last night, about two weeks after the dinner. He smsed lover asking for my email. He also said that there would be an upcoming event and asked that I put up an invitation card to be circulated.

I was like. Oh I do the card eh? I have no idea how to make an invitation card. I don't even know what software to be used. I was almost panic last night. (But I am thinking colourful small leaves. Brightly coloured with sexy Arabic Fonts but in Roman fonts of course. Who ask them to ask me to do it?)

But if that was not choking enough, today's email is the real killer. Mr. Fath emailed me and please do allow me to quote him, verbatim.

As per our conversation during dinner at my house last time when you stated your interest in getting involved with M@Q Newsletter, the Committee was very pleased to accept your offer for volunteering to be the Editor for our newsletter.

What? Editor?

Swallow that!

Here I am, clueless about publishing. Never write anything worthwhile or whatsoever, let alone become an editor. I only write blogs and very measly at that too.

What have I got myself into?

On the other hand, I am excited. I need help of course. But I am excited all the same. It's like there is something forward to (on top of the piling housework), datelines to rush for and I love pumping adrenalin. OKlah nothing like presentation to mean Board members and nor it provides me with monetory, but I probably will like it.

And also, I should not be too worried. After all not many read the newsletter. I have never read it myself. It's usually distributed to the working people with emails (generally the guys) and they probably don't print it out to be read by the spouse. (ideas coming in here actually. he he)

The thing about me also is sometimes I do have ideas, but I am not tenacious enough to put it together. Sigh. And writing is not exactly my best forte. What is, beats me actually.

But do they not know the stake of taking me in as the editor? Me, the domestic goddess. I would probably change the newsletter to perhaps something like the Vogue magazine: with adverts of sales everywhere> Nine West sales up to 50% ends 30th June. *Picture of knee-high boots* or Cosmo: 69 tips to seduce your lover or Parenting: My daughter's first exam failure. What does the expert say?, Gastronomic: Burnt Bread Pudding is crisply sinful.

If I were to mind map, this is exactly what it would like. Chaotic and bended at certain paths

The Malaysian Association of Qatar (MAQ) was established on 14 April 2000 during a visit of Dato' Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, the then Tourism Minister of Malaysia to Doha at the time. The aim of MAQ is to unite the Malaysians living and working in Qatar and to organize social functions and other events. At the same time MAQ aims to promote Malaysia and it's rich cultural heritage.


Anonymous said...

whhoaaa!! puan editor!!
hey! have fun! coming up with a newsletter is definitely fun! fun! fun!

Anonymous said...

whoops! that was me..


Jill Yusoff said...

tabik spriiiiing to madame editor. kekeke. i am sure you would do good.

sare @ syah said...

that was sooo funny...started from trying to help and end up being an editor...hahaha....good luck though!

Lollies said...

nef - takuttttt

jill - i wish i have your confidence

sare - memang funny

Idham said...

best wishes....sounds exciting....want any contribution from saudi ka? * smile *
and..tq for visiting me while i was hospitalized.


Anonymous said...


Chief Editor! Hello Mdm Editor, I'm rotidua absolute opposite of what auditor should be.

Editor pun selalu kasik org marah kan sebab cerita orang lain kene edit to suit you/readers.

err..i cant access efx2 hence the comment in here.

Lollies said...

idah - waaa nak jugak. any help is very welcoming. You are up ad about I see.

rotidua - habis camana you nak put up new entry sekarang ni?

Anonymous said...

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