Thursday, May 04, 2006


Mak oi..panasnya kat sini! Oh my God it is hot here in the middle east. The land of the deserts and camel and the extra closer sun. At least that's what I think. The BBC weather check says the highest temperature is 39C and the lowest is 24C. I thought I saw it reaching 44C the other day.

Since everything is in white, everything glares under the sun. I squint and frown when I go out under the hot sun. I broke my Gucci shades. Damn!

It is so hot, even the water tap is hot. The heater is not on, mind you. I try to take shower preferbally before 7:30 in the morning. Any later the water will be too hot, almost to the point of scalding.

I also try to avoid doing big business in the afternoon, for the hot water, ouch, is a real pain in the ass, I must say. And when you flush down. you can actually feel the warm sensation on your bum.

Washing dishes at noon is also avoided. I usually wash the easier ones and use that scrub thing with a handle. Ouch! Ouch my hand!

During winter, I sometime save my ablution because it was freezing and I am too lazy to go through the freezing weather. And now again I try not to expel any intestinal gas through the anus.

Thank Goodness for the ceramic tiles, at least that's cooling. I cursed the ceramic tiles during winter. Oh I foresee love hate relationship with them tiles.

And they say, the worst is yet to come. During full blown summer, they say lah kan, they would usually collect water at night for it to cool down so that it is possible to take bath the next day. Oh dear.

But all these heat will not stop me from going out I suppose, for tomorrow I plan to go camping overnight at Al-KhOr beach. Depending on the weather of course, otherwise it will be a mere night picnic.



Anonymous said...

suffered the crazy summer there in the middle east before..gila B*&%$ panas, pastu kena pi shoot kat desert pulak. rasa macam nak mati hangus je time tu. the moment i stepped out of the cooling airconditioned hotel, spec terus kelabu asap. peluh menitik macam mandi.
and you wonder why the arabs are so bloody moody and temperamental, huh?


JoKontan said...

I remember 18-17 years back in school. It was really hot !! and dry.

Gurunlaa kata kan.

It wass Soo Hot you can smell your hair hangit macm kena sterika.

It was soo hot once the metal rim of your glass touch your skin, You can hear the hissing sound it makes.

It was 119 Ferenheit on the field. That was 48 C.

But we got swimming pool.. berendam ajer laa.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

marilah berbogel. oooooh i like ...

lollies said...

i think semua negeri panas memang macam tu. orang dia asyik nak ngamuk aje

jokontan - where were you tu? panasnya

babe - dan terbakarlar hanguslah kulitku. lollipop hangus. ala2 caramel

kunci said...

Al-Khor? Put up some piccies ye?

Idham said...

Happy to hear you are back with ur LoVeR in Qatar...
yea...still is quite pleasant in dubai...met up with frens from malaysia last nite and had dinner at the marina...the arabs were dancing open air...ah, but soon will be blazing hot..
oh BTW, one of the frens is continuing the journey thru M E going to Qatar today...
a blogger too!


anne said...

lollies...i can imagine you guling2 on the tiles during the day. The "pain in the ass" part made me LOL in the office - i like!!

lollies said...

kunci - apa blog awak eh?

idham - dubai is still okay? or is it you have gotten use to it?

anne - marilah imagine macam cita hindustan. ha ha ha