Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another year

It must be lonely. Breaking fast by yourself. When you use to have a wife fussing over food. You must have remembered how the four of us would wait at the table for the azan. Eyeing the food. All the time delicious. You have always said the best time of the year was when breaking fast. I must agree for I am enjoying it with my family, your grandchildren.

And then everybody grows up and everybody grows old.

Somehow I also remembered how you have always liked keroncong. I remebered the nights that you dimmed the lights down and put on the turntable to the tunes of old keroncong. Ibu would make you ABC or any dessert and sit with you talking the night out. I would be grumpy because keronchong was just not in. Bukaklah Casey Kasem ke apa.

Ayah, I was watching Mukhsin the other day. At the end of the movie two old couple sang this simple keronchong, maybe a bit low for ayah's taste, but it reminded me of both you, ayah and ibu.

I imagined Ibu singing out of tune and you singing everything like elvis. Or you would strum the guitar while Ibu still sing out of tune. Or you would sing and Ibu would strum, again right chord, wrong strum.

The clip from the movie Mukhsin. Pssstt thanks bear

It's your birthday and I can feel the loneliness.

We all miss you terribly and wish that things are just different.

Happy birthday ayah.


Anonymous said...


Bumi itu bulat, one day kita pun akan jadi macam tu..Happy bday to your dad.

Enjoy every moment that we have now with our loved ones.

anggerik merah said...

Happy b'day to your ayah

Theta said...

Wishing every bit of happiness to your dad on his birthday!

As long as his kids keep him to their hearts and thoughts, he is the happiest dad in the world!

Theta said...
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Lollies said...

kak ummi - i just wish I am there to temankan his lonely days. :(

AM - thanks

theta - and thanks to YM and skype too :D

NJ@Goboklama said...

and I wish that things are just different for my mother too....

zainuddin ngah said...

Kepada anakku kenangan tiap tiap bulan Puasa semasa kamu kecil kecil dahulu bersama Ibu mu tidak pernah ayah lupa semasa kita sewa dirumah Pa'Haji,bagaimana ayah main bunga api ,api naik ke muka ayah,kenangan semasa dahulu memang tidak dapat Ayah lupakan dan itu jadi kenangan sahaja yang tak akan dapat kita nikmati semacam itu lagi.Ayah senantiasa sayangkan anak Ayah sekeluarga

ZazaHardy said...

i wish your dad all the happiness in the world on his birthday, and everyday. i'm sure he misses you loads too lollies. but the best thing is for us, when we're far is to constantly pray for them, parents. of course being online helps but i'm sure its not the same, so i hope in time, you guys will be together again and make up for loss time.

lots of love..


Lollies said...

goboklama - :(

ayah - memories are beautiful. we miss ayah

zaza - indeed. once a year we'll meet.

Jill Yusoff said...

your dad blogs now??? must be careful with my comments :D

happy birthday uncle!

p.s. aku pening lah nak komen kat efx2

Jo Kontan said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad ,.Lolleetah !!.

My Mom passed away about 3 years ago. Since then, my elder sister and her family is staying with him. Whenever I come home, he'd ask me the trip that we had from Kuantan to Melaka with his Honda C70. On that small CG 3223.

I remember well all of the small details. Masjid Negara, where we camped that night...

Owh, this is worth one entry.

I pray all dads kesejahteraan dan kesihatan berpanjangan.

akmal mubarak said...

Hmmm... sedihnya! What say you - bring him over to Doha, to be with you & family this raya!

Lollies said...

jill - hahahaha. bapak aku memang baca blog aku ni. nak follow perkembangan cucu-cuculah katakan. no worries he is quite a sport. aku je yang kena jaga apa aku tulis. ahaks.

komen efx2 kurang menarik sikit

jokontan - good memories are so nice to be remembered. tersenyum kita dibuatnya.

akmal - hmm tak maunya dia tu. dah ajak dah

Gartblue said...

lolls .. aku tumpang sedih babe .. but insyallah she's in a better place .. your Ayah will be just fine, I suspect, seeing how strong he is .. I know you are too. such strength gets passed down.

KakNi said...

Lollies, my daddy pun birthday hari ni 30/9.

Happy belated birthday to your Ayah. Semoga Allah berikan ketenangan dan kebahagian hidup di kalau usia emas your Ayah.