Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Introducing New Character

Some concern parents have been asking me when am I moving Batrisyia to Haziq's school. (For those who do not know, my children are not in the same school. I wrote it HERE) I said I don't think I would. I like Sya's school. I like Haziq's school too, but they have differentt approach on things. Sya's school is small, the parents know each other and would most of the time greet each other by first name rather than a nod. Sya is happy there. She has friends and I can see she is improving tremendously.

I, myself have found new friends. So Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes stalkers and haters alike, I would like to spurt a few characters in this soap blog of mine. Gather round please.

We have Ms. Lizette. She is teacher. Jack calls her teacher. She is the coach for jack's playball group. I din't tell you? Jack is now busy every Tuesday with his organised playgroup thing called playball. Ms. Lizette is from SOuth Africa. Everyone says "HI MS. LIZZETTE." Ms Lizette has a way saying well done. When I say to Jack. "Well done Zachary", Ms. Lizette's way, jack would immediately say playball. No other well done is the same as Ms. Lizette's well done.

Now you kow Jana already. She is the pirate's mum. "HI JANA"

Jana is american. Like many american I know she has the most expressive and cheerful greetings. She would go, "OH! Hello Zachary. Good morning. How are you today?" Beaming smile and all. Zachary would of course be expressionless.

We have Hala. She is from Lebanon. "HI HALA". Please prononuce her "H" with a "KHO"

In case you do not know already, lebanese ladies are the sexiest ladies on the entire earth. And that even without much effort. Even if they plump up, they still carry themselves sexy. And Hala has the body very much to be envied. Hala reads alot. She insisted that I borrowed her "Tips on potty training" book.

Then there is Fifi from Jordan. "HI FIFI" Fifi has the bluest deep set eyes I have ever seen. She is always complaining about her being big size. But my goodness, isn't big sexy on her. All these Jordanian and Lebanese ladies carry big size very well. Fifi is also active iin voluntary work in school. Like most Jordanian, she is very jovial.

Then we have Kirsten. A German who speeks like an Aussie minus the crikey. She is married to an Oz of course. "HI KIRSTEN"

Then we have me, Lollies. The shorty.

I must tell you this, Kirsten is pregnant. Awwwwwwww. Like all pregnant women, she is going to have a baby. Awwwwwwww (But she doesn't look pregnant. Hmmpphhh)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo we planned a surprise baby shower for her last week. You should see her surprise face. Priceless. No! I didn't manage to catch the photo. I was like oh oh oh baby shower. How exciting. I have only watched it on tv. Oh oh oh what should I get? I got her a baby photo album and a baby picture frame. All in neutral colours. Kirsten loved it. Errr I think.

This is a simple baby shower party. No games or anything. Just a quiet sit downs among the mummies stuffing ourselves with food. All omputeh punya foodlah. Again tak ada mee goreng and fried stuff. But the homemade scones were damn good.

Jana said she is really enjoying her time in Doha, and would be sad that she would have to go back to the states come this August. And as she talked further about her love with her newfround friends and that she would have to start all over again. And that she would be worried living in the states for she feels this country offer her reassurance of safety, tears began to trickle down her cheek. And here I am, hating everything about this country.

We talked about our dislikes of certain shows on TV with influences on our kids like dating. This goes to Hannah Montana. Oh I so don't like that serie. (sorry). And those teen sex prone movies. And cartoons so vain like Johnny Bravo. And most of all Britney Spears.

We shared our similiraties. Our concerns. I am learning alot from these ladies. We coming from different bcakground made us, I think, more tolerant of each other principals. We would say..oh this is the way we do it in my country. I told them about aqiqah and cukur jambul.

And all of us would listen and be amazed.

I am enjoying this. Really.


k.d said...

And then there's Lollies


She has the sweetest of face, cooks like a goddess, and very friendly to people. And the kids LOVES her..

Anonymous said...

you sounded like you are having fun. such a welcome change from all the pot lucks with everything udang.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...




Ir. Hanafi Ali said...
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Ir. Hanafi Ali said...
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Ir. Hanafi Ali said...
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anggerik merah said...


I can feel yr enjoyment to be associated with people frm different part of the world. Something I miss since back here.
We listen, we share, we make no pre-judgment, we learn frm each other's culture, behaviour and we accept each other as who we are. Best kan..

butterflutter said...

Can see that you are finally having fun. Ya lah...dgn kita-kita aje boringgg and kengkadang tak productive. Enjoy lolls...

Jo Kontan said...

Hennaaah Mon-ta-naaah.

Pipa loves the show very much, and keeps on singing, with a pseudo Texan accent

"I want ma Daaddy Baaaack.."

Lollies said...

doc - pandai je awak ya. cubit kang

jill - ha ha ha. theme aku minggu ni ayam ayam ayam goreng goreng goreng

AM - betul tu. and when we meet people who are open are willing to tolerate..best rada. fusion of culture

BF - oh tell me about it.

NorAiniJ said...

Thanks for introducing us to all ur wonderful friends. Getting to know people from different cultural background helps broaden our horizon indeed.