Thursday, June 09, 2011

One Seven Year Old in the House

jackBefore I put up this post, I read up his progress that I put up in the blog. Of course no one else reads it as diligent as the mother, but I just want to say perhaps I am glad that I have some form of snapshot of him recorded. Perhaps the only reason to stay on blogging huh?

The other thing is, after reading him in his past years, I think he has not changed much. He is still the baby. He is still sensitive. He sobs when he is sorry. I still carry him around (relatively less because he is getting heavier and longer.) He is growing in height but not in waist size because he is still wearing his two year old jeans and shirts.

He talks more in relative to the previous years. He would try to explain somethings and get always get sidetracked on a point. I remember he refused to speak to any authoritive figure like a teacher before, but now he would talk. At least that is what the teacher told me. In front of me, when asked by anyone, he would shy away.

His grasps in maths is doing fine. But I must say, he does not seem to worry about homework and prefer to be carefree. So much so, I was called by the teacher because he missed doing his homework. And I also missed some of his exam dates.

Subhanallah! I need more hours and octopus' hands maybe.

Last year he has memorised up to al adiyat and now he got to Suratul Buruj. Hmmm. Should I drill him harder?

He is closest to his sister and the two of them would be quietly away doing some project in the kitchen usually some fruit juice or something. Sya would be the head chef and jack the sous chef. I would usually catch them when Jack is cutting up some fruits, sometimes hurting himself when he is using the peeler, while Sya is doing the finishing job which includes presentation. But Sya also gets her hands dirty by creating some strange food that I do not know of. Then they two would set up the table and wait for us while we taste their incredible cocktail of mixed fruits and baked apple shreds on mcvities.

Jack would get enthusiastic when he talks with Haziq about a game strategy or game characters. I have no inkling to this conversation at all. What language are they speaking really?

He is a happy child. Perhaps i should delete all that I have written here and just write this instead "He is a happy loved child."

May Allah make him a righteus person and a reward for me in the Hereafter.


After writing this I can't wait to pick him up from school and press his nose. My favourite past time on him.


Nefertiti said...

blessed with a mother like you, any child would be a happy child.

Lollies said...

You are too kind nef. :D