Sunday, April 19, 2009

Series of SMSs

On the second day I was in Makkah, in the early morning, I received an sms from a dear sister of mine. She is one of the daughters of Dr Azh@r. She is the one who got maried last year. Read it HERE.

She asked us to make dua for his brother Mu@dz who is being operated for "nanah in his perut". This was dr. Azh@r's words "hari sabtu mengalami peritonitis dan septicemic shock terpaksa dikejarkan ke dewan bedah utk emergency laparotomy."

I smsed her mum soon after. She was rushing back to Malaysia. She also told me that Mu@dz's kidney and liver were also infected. La hawla Walla quwatta Illa billah.

I quickly alerted everyone.

And days after that we received sms after sms updating his status. Almost all news were bleak. One by one of his internal organ were infected until it reached the brain.

An sms, I received when I was in Riyadh said something like there were too many blood clot in his brain and CT scan showed untreatable damage.

These last few days more sms came in updating that he had chest infection and dialysis had to be stopped as the blood pressure was too low.

Today at 640 p.m. Malaysia time, Brother Mu@dz Azhar has left this temporary world.

Inallilaahi ilaihi rojiun.

I am affected by this news. We the whole family are very close to them. And Mu@dz who was seventeen was like my own brother.

He was always in the dune trip with us. And he was always asking for his photo to be taken. I have so many photos of him. In fact many of his tagged photos in FB are from me.

I remembered when the ASS went for our first dune trip, Dr Azh@r was handling the trasure hunt competition thus he had to leave early. Mu@dz went in our car. We threatened to throw him out of the car unless he tells us the treasure hunt questions as well as the answers. He said he didn't know and that his father was secretive about it. He didn't tell us the questions and neither did we kick him out of the car.

During the hunt, we were contenders. The adults (me) who are cheaters by nature asked him to share with us the answers. And him being an honest boy, refused. We, the losers, won. And the uncles were jeering him for not sharing. I wrote about the trip HERE. The adults were more kanak-kanak than he was.

The last I met him was last December when he came over for the school holidays (he went to malaysian boarding school) and his brother's walimah.

He interviewed me along with his siblings that night. Makcik kena interrogate. From sad issues about my mum and my brother :( to how I met my lover. :)

And our last trip was to Zikreet. I remembered Kak Lina brace herself to drive because Dr Azh@r could not make it. It was all because Mu@dz was around. I remembered during that holiday we were discussing, Mu@dz nak pergi mana lag ya. Jom! Jom! Sebelum Mu@dz balik Msia.

Oh we were together n the dune trip when Elisa came over.

Mu@dz was liked by all of us. he was a sweet mannered boy who showed great respect to everyone. Ask any adults in Qtar who knew him, everyone likes him. He was one of those rare boy species who is pious, can talk properly with adults (not many teenagers have this), very chatty, intelligent, good with children, witty and so many more. Masya Allah.

I was reading some of his friend's blog and I can tell that they love him too. Some call him mualim kecil because he was teaching some of them physics.

i cried so much today. I called his sister thinking that I want to give her semangat. i ended up crying even more.

Please join me to make dua for this young man.

O'Allah forgive all his sins. Make him pure and elevate him to the highest jannah among the pious. Give strength to his family of whom he left behind. May Allah magnify their reward and make perfect their bereavement.

p/s : It's hard to write about him in past tense.

Mu@dz checking out the DSLR surrounded by his beloved


BabyBooned said...

so young. innalillah. my deepest condolences to his family, and to you..

Queen Of The House said...

Innalillah .... I do not know Muadz but in the past few weeks have been following his progress. His mom Lina was my batchmate at school, and Dr Azhar our senior. I pray that the family will be strong in facing their great loss.

Anonymous said...

Innalillah... my officemate went to see him in the hosp last week. She told me she was visiting but i didn't put 2-2 together. Reading your post baru teringat nak tanya dia.

Kebumi in Bangi today.


masdiana said...

We (K Nani + I + our hubbies) visited Iffah, Ghofur + 'Abidah last night - were half-expecting to see you there :-), + were shown pictures of arwah in ICU, with the family members reading Qur'an + ma'thurat + kissing his cheeks - just couldn't control my tears.

O Allah, forgive + have mercy upon him, excuse him + pardon him, + make honourable his reception. Expand his entry + cleanse him with water, snow + ice, + purify him from sins as a white robe is purified of filth. Exchange his home for a better home, + his family for a better family, + his spouse for a better spouse. Admit him into the Garden, protect him from the punishment of the grave + torment of the Fire. Ameen...

zan said...

i cry too although i do not know him...may the family be strong during thie bereavement. al fatihah..

Nusayba said...


I never wrote about me visiting him, because it was a sad moment. When we visited him a week back, the family was there. I read yaasin with ibu, but that was one of the longest yaasin read ive ever done. Even writing this is hard. And I don't know arwah like you do. I've never met any of Mcik Lina's children. But the fact that it is from the parents that I know of how their family are, it is not hard to gauge what kind of person the children are, and knowing that a good person is in a condition that he was in, moved me to tears.

Dalam sedih ini, mari kita beringat, bahawa di sisi Allah itu lebih membahagiakan bagi orang-orang mukmin.


Lollies said...

babyboon - thank you for your kind words.

QOTH - apparently ramai yang kenal keluarga mereka in the net ni. Masya Allah. they are all good people. May all their friends make dua for the whole family.

roti2 - hugs sesangat

diana - hug you kuat-kuat. semalam tak sempat pergi. Insya Allah pergi hari ni.

ameen to your dua.

zan - i called the mother today. pun tak leh control lagi. berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu mereka memikul. Alhamdullilah they are bestowed such a good child that everyone loves. May Allah acept the deeds of this young man and all his duas whiile he was living accepted by Allah.

PB - Ya Allah PB I need to hug you. I really do. Tak sangka this small world bring us even closer in Islam.

You know Kak Lina and Dr Azh@r. They are bestowed with children of charisma and manners. Mu@dz was no exception. Allah loves him more and has better plans for him.

Anonymous said...


Although I dont know him but this entry deeply touched me :(

Innalillahiwainnailai hi rojiuun..

elisataufik said...

wanted to call you when I got your sms, tapi I takut nanti kita pulak yang sama-sama nangis macam haritu.
Been thinking about him and his family all day. May Allah grant them peace and strength.

p/s how are your kids taking the news?

MULAN said...


megigoreng said...

i'm speechless when i received the news...terlalu sedih! and still dok tingat2 his face even in my dreams :(

shidah said...

When we came back from Madinah (on the 11th) Hj Mansor informed us that his condition stable. Thought he got better. Allah lebih menyayanginya.

Salam to Kak Lina if you speak to her again. I have sent sms on her Qatar number but not sure if she had her number switch on.

Al Fatihah.

Earthmom said...
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IbuHaziq said... deepest condolences to his family and also to you...hang in there ya....

famyGirl said...

*hugs* this is so sad :( Al-Fatihah untuk arwah

Ummu Layth said...

Ameen to all your du'as.

my mother told me about the news. the passing of a young person in his prime is always devastating even if you don't know him/her personally.

Lollies said...

Thank you my friends for your kind words.

Praise to Allah. I am thankful that there are a few points in my life, I have been blessed with this presence of this wonderful young man of whom I can take examples from to raise my own children, Insya Allah. May some of the hasanat go to him and elevate his status in the hereafter.

mosh said...

Innalillahi. You were at least privileged to know him personally.

ummu ummu asiyah said...

pagi tadi breakfast dengan mini shawarma tapi sakit mulut sebab ada ulcer.then...teringat kat arwah.terbayang camana dia makan kalau dia ada ulcer dlm mulut.there is such a way how we eat when our mouth are painful.but that doesn't mean we loss weight if there are mouth ulcers.adakalanya makan lebih dari kalau x sakit.hek hek

anyways,x sempat nak beli mini rmh aunty kat abu hamur tue dah terhidang MS atas meja.alhamdulillah rezeki =))

Raden Galoh said...

Salam sis..
Blogghopped from Elisa's and found yours...

Innna lillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun... takziah to you and all family members of Arwah.

Take care. Indeed, Allah loves him more sister and I know from your writing describing him, he is a blessed young man. Barakallahu alaik...